Typical Franconian specialties

Schäufele, Tafelspitz and other classics or salads, baked potato and other vegetarian dishes – our food and drinks come from the homeland.

All dishes can also be picked up.


in addition to the valid menu


 * is a franconian tradition

* is one of the most popular starter

what is a Gerupfter?

It is generally considered to be the equivalent of the Bavarian Obazden, i.e. an already ripe Camembert cheese, which is mixed with creamy butter, finely chopped onions, salt, pepper and paprika, among other things, and served with bread.


In addition to our valid menu, we have changing delicacies for you every Friday.

fROM THE bbq

From May 2022 Max stokes the grill.
At 5 p.m. Franconian sausages, steaks, pork belly, feta … on the grill!

breakfast on saturday

Fancy a hearty breakfast? We spoil you every Saturday, from 9 am with a rich breakfast from the buffet. There is no better way to start the weekend.     

Per Person    13,50 €

Please contact our staff if you have any questions about allergens or additives.

1. with colorant(s) 2. with preservative(s) 3. with antioxidant(s) 4. with flavor enhancer(s) 5. with sulfur dioxide 6. with colorant 7. with phoshate 8. with milk protein 9. containing caffeine 10 containing quinine 11. waxed 12. with taurine 13. contains a source of phenylalanine 14. containing sweetener(s)

Contains the following allergens: A=Gluten-containing cereals (wheat1, rye2, barley3, oats4) B=Crab animals C=Eggs D=Fish E=Peanuts F=Soy G=Milk and dairy products H=Nuts I=Celery J=Mustard K=Sesame seeds L=Sulfur dioxide and sulfites M=Lupins N=Mollusks